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May 2016
Lebanon touch began its march to the 2015 Touch World Cup in South Africa with on Anzac Day...more
May 2016
Lebanon squad announced to contest the 2015 World Cup of Touch in South Africa in January 2015...more

Cedar Cup Results

Mays Hill 6 def Shut the Gates 1
Shagged 6 def Mays Hill 23s 1
Shagged 6 def Shut the Gates 2
SpitishTan 1 drew Chicks 1
SpitishTan 3 def Souths Jnrs 1
Chicks 2 drew Souths Jnrs 2
Nortons 7 def In Vision 1
Nortons 5 def Orphans 2
Orphans 9 def In Vision 2

CRM 3 def Athletes Foot 1
Athletes Foot 6 def Karam 2
CRM 7 def Karam 0
Shagged 4 def Chicks t 1
Nortons 7 def Athletes Foot 3
SpitishTan 6 def Mays Hill 2
Orphans 4 def CRM 3
(drop off)
Souths Jnrs 5 def Shut the Gates 1
Karam 3 def In Vision 2
SpitishTan 5 def Orphans 2
Nortons 7 def Shagged 6
Souths Jnrs 7 def Karam 3
Nortons 4 def SpitishTan 3
Player of the Final: Trent Touma
Player of the Tournament: Adam Fahim

PHOTO: Trent Trouma taking a break during the final.

Cedars Cup Launches World Cup Campaign

Lebanon touch began its march to the 2015 Touch World Cup in South Africa with the inaugural

Cedars Cup played out on Anzac Day.

Twelve teams battled for supremacy and a range of events including relays, pass the ball competition

and tug-o-war meant there really was something for everyone. The tournament displayed a real

cultural atmosphere and the skills displayed were a marvel to watch as players combined to entertain

onlookers from a range of cultures and backgrounds.

Teams settled into the early round games with CRM, NORTONS and SHAGGED showing early

dominance in their respective Pools. Most attention was on the dreaded Pool B though, where the

tournament favourites CHICKS drew with a scratchy SPITISH TAN outfit before facing a fired up

SOUTHS JNRS for a place in the quarter finals. SOUTHS JNRS dominated most of the game in a

passionate display and were Quarter final bound before a try by CHICKS in the corner with 40 seconds

remaining, stole the game! SOUTHS JNRS continued

to gel together though, and went on to win the

PLATE division Semi final and Final later in the day.

The lunch break was lively as expected with the speed

& strength events. The team relay challenge saw all

12 teams span the main field and charge down in

unison like a scene from the movie Braveheart. Once

all the screaming and cheers settled, it was the young

speedsters from MAYS HILL that emerged as victors.

Unfortunately the tug-o-war was not as clear cut. In

the midst of each battle, members of the crowd jumped into the pit and joined in! The 6 a side contests

soon turned into a 20 man struggle for supremacy. Needless to say the judges were baffled at

announcing a winner…

When finals time emerged late afternoon the air filled with anticipation as sudden death kicked in.

SHAGGED and NORTONS emerged as favourites with easy wins in their Quarters and then

ORPHANS and CRM played out a dramatic drop-off on the main field. ORPHANS snuck home and

were joined by SPITISH TAN who accounted for MAYS HILL in their Quarter Final.

SPITISH TAN won their way into the final against a leg weary ORPHANS while all eyes were on the

sea sawing battle between SHAGGED and NORTONS. NORTONS led early but ran out of gas late

in the game as SHAGGED picked up the tempo. The siren beat SHAGGED to the punch though and

NORTONS emerged winners to book a place in the final as red hot favourites.

The final went to script with neither team taking a backward step. Michael Ishac and Spiro Tourni

continued to rally the SPITISH TAN troops to take the game to their more fancied opponents.

NORTONS found themselves digging deep once again to stay in the contest. With the Championship

fading away, Trent Touma combined with Peter Ndeira to swing the game back in NORTONS

favour. In the end it was NORTONS getting home by 1 try, leaving SPITISH TAN wondering what

might have been.

Player of Tournament was awarded to ADAM FAHIM who was a

clear stand out on the day. TRENT TOUMA was awarded the

Player of the Final.

Newly appointed Lebanon Mens Open Coach Terry Cooper

presented the CEDARS CUP to the champion team

NORTONS to complete an excellent day of fun, sports and

culture all rolled into one.

LTA would like to thank their sponsors Inventcom, Schweppes and Mays Hill Touch for making the

event possible.